Nixxie, Icon Queen! (nixxie_) wrote in girls_for_craig,
Nixxie, Icon Queen!

Haldir Themed Jewellery For Sale

Thanks for the great uptake on the Haldir Jewellery, I've had to make some more to relpace those I'd sold!

Haldir Kilt Pin Brooch:

(Click the picture to be taken to Ebay)

Haldir Necklace:

Haldir Charm Bracelet:

Frodo Kilt Pin Brooch:

Aragorn Charm Bracelet:

Hobbit Handbag Charm:

I've also done Merlin, Twilight, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who & Torchwood themed stuff.
My Other Ebay Jewellery

And I have an Etsy Shop for those of you in the States:

I can do commisions or if you want anything specific, please let me know :)
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