Darken Rahl Is Love - Wallpaper

17 Feb 2011|07:52pm


Use My Art For Your Own Pleasure or Repost It. I Would Not Mind.

Full Size Version Is Here:


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Behind You Fan Bar

26 Jan 2011|11:22pm

mood | lonely


I wish Rahl Brothers to live in peace. This is my best fan dream. And I thought about it doing this art.

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Walter And Crag Mosaic Wallpaper

20 Jan 2011|11:54am



As usual...No special terms of use. Just tell me if you like - will make me happy :)
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Darken and Cara Love Is Bars

21 Dec 2010|10:43am

Hello. Not only Darken (Craig) is here. But I really like this collection so I made decision to share it with other fans of Craig, not only LOTS fans. You can use if you like with no credit just don't tell it yours.  And of course as author I will be happy if you will send me note about it. Please :)

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Looking for episodes of Hot Shots (from 1989)

06 Apr 2009|03:10pm

mood | anxious

Does anyone have all the episodes of this series from the '80s with Craig in it?
I'm desperate!!! :{

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New Pillowman Pics!

23 Aug 2007|03:39pm

mood | bouncy

Craig!Collapse )

Obtained from here

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Craig cancels RingCon

19 Jul 2007|08:32pm

Very bad news today: Craig just cancelled his RingCon appearance. For the official website:

"To everyone involved in Ringcon 07,

please accept my sincere apologies for being unable to attend Ringcon 07.
Unfortunately my schedule for the end of the year has changed and I won’t be able to get to Germany to join in the madness.

Ringcon has been a highlight of the last few years and I’m sure Ringcon 07 will be even bigger, better and crazier than the previous ones. I wish everyone a fantastic weekend… Scream, yell, drink, dance, laugh and avoid sleep in celebration of this wonderful event and, most importantly,
yourselves, who make Ringcon truly spectacular.

Lots of love,

Of course we wish him all the best with Shorty (which, as far as we know, is the commitment he now has), but I bet there are a lot of disappointed folks out there right now. :(
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Both ING Direct ads

10 Jan 2007|05:48pm

Parker Blue is currently down, all the bandwidth has been sucked out. *g* I am working on getting it up and running again asap, though. Give me a few days. :)

In the meantime, here are both ING Direct adverts now, uploaded to Megaupload for your enjoyment! The way this works is as follows: Click on a link below. In the top right corner there are three letters. Type them into the box (they are case sensitive) and then click "Download". You'll have to wait 45 seconds for the link, again in the upper right corner. When it appears click on it and then save the file.

Advert #1 (the one I had on the website already, from a different source; 3.86 MB)

Advert #2 (3.9 MB)

Enjoy! :)


(Crossposted to several places.)

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Craig in commercials

28 Dec 2006|09:42pm

At RingCon in November Craig told some people he had done some work on commercials, which were to be shown in the UK. Right now all we know is that it's some bank commercial on TV, and it has been sighted in the UK today.

Now, my offer: The first one to tape it for me (DVD or regular tape) and send it to me by snail mail or online gets to pick two DVDs from my lovely long list of Craig's work up to date! Further communication and a list of all my DVDs available by sending an email to mel [at] parker-blue [dot] net.
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Auction and phone goodies!

15 Oct 2006|05:07pm

mood | accomplished

Before we wrap up the project in a few weeks, one last goodie has been thought up for you all: Donate to the project now and receive an exclusive set of ringtones and wallpapers for your mobile phone! Read all the info here! Many thanks to Manu for this idea, and for her help! Thanks also to Claudia from cp.de. :)

Don't forget about the last auction! I know that it's not the cheapest auction we ever had, but this is a unique piece and it will be signed by the artist, so really, it's a bargain. And it's for a good cause! So go and have another look at


ETA: Colleen pimped our auction as well, yay! I extended the duration of the auction to ten days, and six are left now. So if you were planning on bidding, there's plenty of time! :)

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